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The Friends of Sturt Gorge is a volunteer group that formed in 1999 to support the Department for Environment and Water in maintaining and promoting the Sturt Gorge Recreation Park in South Australia. 

The group has over 100 members and organizes regular events, including weed control and trail maintenance working bees, monthly meetings, training, walks, and more. The group aims to restore the pre-European habitat in the Sturt Gorge and invites people to join them, regardless of their experience level.

The group receives financial and in-kind support from various organizations and has a clear vision, mission, goals, and action plan. The goals include removing and suppressing pest plant infestations, recovery programs for plants of high conservation significance, seed collection and propagation, planting of locally indigenous species, wildlife monitoring, walking trails monitoring and maintenance, and seeking an optimum level of functioning for the Friends of Sturt Gorge. 

The group encourages members to watch out for advertisements of grants suitable to the group’s goals and to work towards increasing and maintaining membership by participating in various activities. The group also arranges regular meetings with guest speakers, slide evenings, nature walks, and familiarization days with the Department for Environment and Water. The group maintains an up-to-date website and writes a quarterly newsletter to keep members informed. 

The group seeks to create and maintain a good working relationship with the Department for Environment and Water by ensuring invitations, times, and more.

Our Mission