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About Us...

We are a Friends of Parks group that formed in 1999. We volunteer our time to support the Department for Environment and Water in looking after and promoting the Sturt Gorge Recreation Park.

We have over 100 members and a busy calendar of events, including weed control and trail maintenance working bees, monthly meeting, training, walks and more!

We aim to restore the pre-European habitat in the Sturt Gorge and invite you to join us to meet new friends and contribute to bushcare activities. No experience is required - just a love of the bush!

Why Join the Friends of Sturt Gorge ?

Our supporters!
Our Vision
Our Mission
Our Goals
Our Action Plan

Visitors are welcome to join us for meetings or Working Bees to find out more.

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Why join the Friends of Sturt Gorge?

  • Make new friends
  • Stop the invasion of woody weeds
  • Write for our web site or newsletter.
  • Work on publicity campaigns
  • Clean up the Gorge
  • Maintain and enjoy the walking trails
  • Guest speakers
  • Free training
  • Guided walks
  • Discover what’s in your own backyard!

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Our Supporters

We receive financial and in-kind support from:

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Our Vision...

That all people will develop and respect an appreciation of their natural environment and will support, in spirit or in active engagement, "best practice" efforts to improve and protect the bio-diversity of our parks.

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Our Mission...

By conservation and re-vegetation to work towards restoring, as near as possible, the Sturt Gorge Recreation Park to the pre-European habitat.

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Our Goals...

  1. Removal and suppression of pest plant infestations.

  2. Recovery programs for plants of high conservation significance.

  3. Seed collection and propagation

  4. Planting of locally indigenous species.

  5. Wildlife monitoring.

  6. Walking trails monitoring and maintenance.

  7. To seek for an optimum level of functioning for the Friends of Sturt Gorge by:

    7.1 Applying for grants of money in order to implement the goals and pursuing the appropriate spending and reporting required.

    7.2 Arranging working bees which combine "best practice" methods with the time and skills of members.

    7.3 Actively working towards increasing and maintaining membership.

    7.4 Holding regular gatherings which provide information sharing and socialization.

    7.5 Making continued efforts to publicize the work of the Friends of Sturt Gorge.

    7.6 Seeking guidance and co-operative working relationship with National Parks and Wildlife SA.

    7.7 Reviewing the Vision, Mission, Goals and Action Plans and Outcomes at least annually.

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Our Action Plan...

Goal No. 1

  • Conduct regular working bees in identified areas guided by information and techniques in the following publications:

    Meg Robertson (1994) Stop Bushland Weeds. Nature Conservation Society of South Australia Inc.

    Enid L. Robertson (1999) Restoration of Grassy Woodland Watiparinga, Reserve Management Plan. National Trust of S.A.

  • Maintain records by photo points and working bee log books.

Goal No. 2

  • Conduct ongoing surveys to find local Uncommon (U), Rare (R), Vulnerable (V), Endangered (E) and Threatened (T) plant species.
  • Maintain record of location and name and number of plants.
  • Protect and promote recovery as appropriate.
  • Monitor progress through photo points.

Goal No. 3

  • Establish the provenance of plants before seed collection.
  • Arrange propagation.

Goal No. 4

  • Identify suitable areas for re-vegetation.
  • Plant out tube stock at suitable times and places.
  • Keep thorough records.

Goal No. 5

  • Encourage members interested in wildlife, e.g. bird monitoring, recording and reporting to meetings.
  • Report presence of "active" rabbit warrens.

Goal No. 6

  • Consult with relevant Associations/Departments before commencing any work.

Goal No. 7.1

  • All members to be encouraged to watch out for advertisements of grants suitable to the group's goals and refer to committee members.
  • Committee members to nominate:
    . who should make the application on each occasion
    . who will check that the submission has been forwarded
    . who will follow up the results of each application
  • Managing the project: Committee to nominate person(s)responsible for:
    . ensuring the proper use of the grant money; managing the project
    . reporting to the funding body

Goal No. 7.2

  • For each working bee the Working Bee Co-ordinator to be responsible for:
    . ensuring members have been advised of the time and place of the working bee
    . ensuring that tools, First Aid kit, etc, are on site on time and collected at end of working time
    . arranging "best practice" discussions before beginning work
    . suitability of tasks for each person

Goal No. 7.3

  • Members to work towards increasing and maintaining membership in ways such as:
    . advertising by word of mouth
    . participating in letter box drops
    . participating in DEWNR Open Days, displays, etc.
    . contacting local politicians as appropriate
  • Respecting and reflecting on the diversity of interests and relevant knowledge among members.

Goal No. 7.4

  • Members to share refreshments at working bees.
  • Committee to arrange regular meetings with occasional guest speakers, slide evenings, etc.
  • Seek DEWNR Ranger attendance at meetings.
  • Arrange familiarisation days with DEWNR.
  • Arrange nature walks.

Goal No. 7.5

  • Create and maintain an up-to-date web site and write a quarterly newsletter and distribute

Goal No. 7.6

  • Encourage a good working relationship with DEWNR by:
    . ensuring invitations, times of meetings, etc. are supplied to the local Ranger;
    . submitting annual reports, minutes of meetings and working bee statistics as appropriate.

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Last update: 18/02/2019