Our Mission

Our Vision is to foster a deep appreciation for nature and promote the protection of biodiversity in our parks. We aspire to inspire individuals to actively engage in “best practice” efforts to enhance and preserve our natural environment.

At Friends of Sturt Gorge, our mission is to protect and enhance the natural environment of the Sturt Gorge Recreation Park through a range of targeted actions and collaborative efforts. Our goals are as follows:

  1. Pest Plant Control: We are dedicated to the removal and suppression of pest plant infestations within the park, ensuring the preservation of its native flora.

  2. Conservation of Significant Plants: We actively engage in recovery programs for plants of high conservation significance, conducting surveys and implementing measures to protect and promote their recovery.

  3. Seed Collection and Propagation: We strive to maintain the biodiversity of the park by carefully identifying and collecting seeds from indigenous plants, facilitating their propagation and eventual reintroduction.

  4. Indigenous Species Planting: We are committed to planting locally indigenous species, restoring the natural vegetation and creating a sustainable habitat for the park’s flora and fauna.

  5. Wildlife Monitoring: We actively monitor the park’s wildlife, collaborating with experts and engaging our members in bird monitoring, recording, and reporting, as well as reporting the presence of rabbit warrens.

  6. Trail Maintenance: We ensure the upkeep and monitoring of walking trails within the park, preserving their accessibility and safety for visitors.

To achieve an optimum level of functioning for Friends of Sturt Gorge, we undertake the following actions:

Action 1: Grant Acquisition and Management

  • Actively pursuing grants to fund and implement goals
  • Adhering to appropriate spending and reporting requirements.

Action 2: Collaborative Work:

  • Organizing working bees that combine “best practice” methods.
  • Utilizing the skills and time of members for efficient and effective execution of initiatives.

Action 3: Membership Growth:

  • Working towards increasing and maintaining membership.
  • Strategies include word-of-mouth advertising, community event participation, and engagement with local politicians.

Action 4: Information Sharing and Socialisation

  • Fostering a sense of community among members.
  • Organizing regular gatherings for information sharing, socialization, and education.
  • Activities include guest speakers, slide evenings, nature walks, and providing refreshments during working bees.

Action 5: Public Awareness:

  • Continuously striving to publicize the work of Friends of Sturt Gorge.
  • Raising awareness about the importance of environmental conservation in the local community and beyond.

Action 6: Collaboration with National Parks and Wildlife SA:

  • Seeking guidance and establishing cooperative working relationships with National Parks and Wildlife SA.
  • Ensuring effective management and conservation efforts.

Action 7: Continuous Improvement

  • Conducting regular reviews of vision, mission, goals, action plans, and outcomes.¬†Reviewing at least annually to adapt and enhance strategies for the benefit of Sturt Gorge Recreation Park.
  • ¬†