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Sturt Gorge lies in the foothills of the Mount Lofty Ranges, 13 Kilometres south of Adelaide between the suburbs of Bellevue Heights and Flagstaff Hill.

The Sturt River has carved a deep, narrow gorge to the Adelaide plains through the resistant glacial deposit known as "Sturt tillite" and is recognised as an area of great geological significance. Our Geology Page has more details on Sturt Tillite, the geological history and geography of the Sturt Gorge.

A large area of the gorge is now covered by the Sturt Gorge Recreation Park which protects the remaining wide variety of habitats, flora, fauna and significant geology of the area.

Sturt Gorge contains many rare plants and a diverse range of habitats, including grasslands, grey box grass woodland, blue gum woodland and old river red gums. These habitats are important remanants of the original habitat covering this area and provide refuge and food for many of the native animals that live in or visit the area.

Much of the native vegetation has been altered since european settlement of the area, through activities such as grazing, logging and mining. Our History page gives further insight into the history of the park including the Kaurna Aboriginal people who originally occupied the area.

Last update: 6/05/2015